Promised Sneak Peak

Well, here is that sneak peak I promised.  This picture was taken during blocking, so the yellow dots are pins.  This one will be out later this year I think.  I’ll be shipping it off in the next couple of days.

I am nearly finished with the bolero pattern.  I had hoped to finish it this week.  It’s still possible that I might finish it this weekend, but probably not unitl early next week so that I can proofread and edit carefully.  I’ve learned a couple of things lately about designing while working on these two projects simultaneously:

1. Setting self-imposed deadlines for self-publish projects makes for putting off more important responsibilities to finish on schedule, especially when you pile a magazine project on top of it.
2. Thick yarns + lacy stitch patterns + wide pattern repeats = lengthy pattern instructions that are challenging to write.
3. It is best to wait to post pictures of upcoming designs until no more than a few days before the pattern is available, no matter how excited you are to show everyone the awesome thing you’ve made.

Well, I’ll post here when the bolero pattern is finally up…until then, happy stitching!

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