The Finer Edge, a Book of Crochet Edgings and Trims

Cover art of The Finer Edge: Crocheted Trims, Motifs, & Borders by Kristin Omdahl, a book of crochet edgings.

Crochet edgings and trims

Kristin Omdahl is one of my favorite crochet designers!  When I first got going with designing, she was one of the first designers I’d heard of, so she holds a special place in my designing history! Her new book, The Finer Edge: Crocheted Trims, Motifs & Borders, is a book of crochet edgings and trims.  Edgings can be a nice way to dress up your crochet projects.  However, you can also use them for other things!  Think towels, fabric blankets, tablecloths, curtains…  What can you think of to do with them?

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My favorite projects from the book

My favorite edgings are Textured Waves (p. 13), Tiered Offset Shells in Rows (p. 19), and Superior Flower (p. 24), which you can see on the cover.  It is the darker blue edging closest to the right side of the picture above, between the purple and light green ones.  It is also the edging used in the “Persepolis Top,” seen below, one of my favorite projects from the book.

Woman wearing a fuchsia crochet top with diagonal rows of crochet lace trim across the front.
Interweave/F+W Media

Isn’t that beautiful?!  I could definitely wear this — and maybe even in the summer time! I’d love to have more crochet to wear in the warm months.

I love that Kristin came up with all these spectacular edgings, but I also love that she gives us these great ideas of what to do with them.  Who’d have thought to use an edging to decorate the front of a top?!

Another of my favorites is the “Petra Skirt”.  This one actually uses one of the edgings to make the entire skirt.  This is so lovely!  I’d love to wear this over a pair of leggings.

Woman wearing a black t-shirt and leggings and a crochet lace skirt in orange and pink.
Interweave/F+W Media

What kinds of edgings and trims are in the book?

There are edgings worked from the outside-in, from the inside-out, and from side-to-side, so that you can find one that meets your needs.  There are also some edgings that use motifs.  Every edging includes a symbol chart and written instructions.  All of the projects include written instructions and most include symbol charts.  Those that don’t have charts are based so much on the edgings that you can go back to the chart for the edging to go from.  There are schematics for the garments as well.  All very nicely done.

I love this book and I am so happy to have it in my crochet library! You can order your copy from Amazon with my affiliate link, which provides me with a small commission at no additional cost to you. Just click here to order The Finer Edge.

Happy crocheting!

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See my review of The Finer Edge by Kristin Omdahl! This book is full of beautiful crochet edgings with clear written and symbol chart instructions!

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