Learn the Single Crochet Stitch

Hands holding an off-white row of single crochet stitches and a wooden crochet hook over a white background. Text reads: Learn to Single Crochet. BananaMoonStudio.com.

One of the smallest, most basic crochet stitches, is the single crochet. Learn how to make this stitch by watching my video below! This stitch is abbreviated “sc” in written crochet patterns. If you need help with crochet abbreviations, be sure to grab my free downloadable, printable crochet abbreviations list! You complete this stitch by placing your hook into the designated stitch or space. Next you wrap your yarn clock-wise around your hook. We call that a “yarn over” or “yo.” Next you pull your yarn through the stitch or space, yarn over again, and pull that through the two loops on your hook. I’ll show you!

Let’s learn the single crochet stitch!

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Happy stitching!


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Learn the single crochet stitch with this video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio

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