My First Pair of Knit Socks, Knitting Socks for Beginners

Sock knitting experiences, progress, patterns, and tutorials for beginners.

Knitting socks for beginners

Years ago I wrote this post just to share my first pair of handknit socks. I am writing this now years later to encourage all of you to tackle your first pair of socks! I have come a long way since making this first pair of socks. As such, I’ve designed a sock pattern of my own and put together tutorials all about knitting socks for beginners. Check out my first pair of knit socks below, loose ribbing and all, and then see where patience and persistence have taken me. Plus, get the details on those helpful tutorials and my free pattern!

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My first pair of knit socks

I finished my first pair of knit socks! What do you think? I was very motivated to learn to knit in large part because I wanted to make socks. I have crocheted a pair of socks, so yes, I know they can be crocheted. However they are wearing out very fast because they get tugged on so much in the getting on and off process since they are not very stretchy.  In my experience, knitting works better for socks.

As a beginning knitter, I finished my first pair of handknit socks.

I used Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Collection Serenity Sock Weight with 2.5mm Addi circular needles and the Magic Loop Method to knit these. I used the free pattern Simple Socks by Suzy Vitale, which I found on Ravelry. The heel turn portion of the pattern contained errors. Therefore I had to improvise with another pattern on the first sock. On the second sock I understood the principle well enough to base it on the original pattern more. These are just simple stockinette stitch socks, and for the most part, the pattern was very good.  

You can maybe see that the ribbing on the left sock is loose. I made that sock first, and it is not quite as well-done as the second sock, but I think I’ve got it down now.

Fast forward several years…

Years after first making these socks and writing this post I can say that I’ve knit a lot of socks since then! I’ve also designed a sock pattern and made several videos to help beginners learn to knit socks. My Catoosa Socks knitting pattern is a free pattern perfect for beginners and it is linked throughout to helpful video tutorials. Get the free Catoosa Socks pattern and tutorial links here.

Free sock knitting pattern and tutorials for beginners!

Happy knitting!

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