How to Knit the Hand and Thumb of a Mitten

Would you like to learn how to knit a set of mittens? I’ve made a series of three tutorial videos to teach the skills needed to make the mittens in my Wanette Winter Set! This is a free knitting pattern. Get it by clicking here! You can see the first video in my previous post, here: How to Knit a Mitten, Part 1.

The Part 1 video will also show you how to make the cowl and headband of my Wanette Winter Set, which are made in knit ribbing. I’ll share the second and third videos here. In these videos you will learn about the stitches and techniques needed to create the hand and thumb of the mitten. This includes creating the thumbhole, decreasing to shape the fingertip portions, and picking up stitches around the thumbhole to add the thumb.

Let’s learn to knit mittens!

In this first video I will show you how to knit a mitten starting with the ribbed cuff already made. I’ll demonstrate the increases at the heel of the hand, making the thumbhole, and decreasing at the fingertips.

In this next video I will show you how to pick up stitches around the thumbhole, knit the thumb, and decrease at the thumbtip.

Happy knitting!

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