8 Crochet Motif Joining Methods

Collage of pictures showing different ways to join crochet motifs together. Text reads: Eight ways to join crochet motifs. Round up from BananaMoonStudio.com.

Crochet motif joining methods round-up

If you crochet, chances are you’ve made a crochet motif at some point. There’s a really good chance that at least one of them was a square. Maybe you used that lone square as a hot pad or a coaster, but you’ve probably also wanted to join motifs together to make larger items like blankets, scarves, placemats, table runners, bags, even sweaters!

A lot of crochet fans are on the look out for good crochet motif joining methods. So today I’m bringing you eight different crochet motif joining methods. I’ve gathered up some ideas from other bloggers and I’m going to tell you a bit about their joining methods and give you the link to their website so that you can learn more!

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Crochet motif joining methods with a crochet hook

Flat braid joining method for crochet motifs from Knitter Knotter.

First up is the flat braid join from Knitter Knotter. This joining method is an excellent choice for motifs that may not have the same number of stitches or rows along their edges. It’s a lacy join that is made of chains and single crochet stitches.

Visit Knitter Knotter’s site to learn more.

Visible crochet joining method for crochet motifs from Banana Moon Studio.

This is my very own visible joining method. I used this to make a very visible raised join in a contrasting color as a way of outlining my squares. It’s great for any project where you want bold lines!

Learn more in my tutorial post here.

Join as you go method for connecting crochet motifs from Knitter Knotter.

Knitter Knotter shows you how slip stitching as you create the last round of a motif is a great method for motifs that only need to be joined at a few points! It cuts down on the number of ends to be woven in since you don’t have to use an additional length of yarn to join after making the motifs.

Visit Knitter Knotter’s site to learn more.

Flat slip stitch seam method to join crochet motifs from A Crocheted Simplicity.

A Crocheted Simplicity shares the flat slip stitch seaming technique with us! I haven’t used this method before, but I’ll have to try it out. According to the tutorial blog post it is one of the flattest seaming techniques you can do with a crochet hook. It also looks beautiful in a contrasting color!

Learn more from A Crocheted Simplicity here.

Close up of the zig zag slip stitch seam method to join crochet motifs from Sunflower Cottage Crochet.

The Zig Zag Slip Stitch seam is brought to you by Sunflower Cottage Crochet. They used this joining technique for a blanket that was intended to have loads of texture. In fact, this joining technique adds texture to your crochet pieces by making a raised seam.

Get the details from Sunflower Cottage Crochet.

Using a crochet hook and slip stitches to join crochet squares with Banana Moon Studio.

My method of joining motifs with a slip stitch seam is probably your most basic method to do with a crochet hook. I worked through both loops of the squares in the photo here, but you can also work through back loops only.

Learn how with my tutorial post here.

Joining methods with a yarn needle

Mattress Stitch method to join crochet motifs from Raffamusadesigns.com.

Raffamusa Designs shares the mattress stitch with us. It is a hand-sewing method that works for motifs as well as crochet and knit pieces of garments. I’ve used mattress stitch for seaming sweaters before, but hadn’t thought of using it for motifs. It’s a brilliant idea though! It’s one of my favorite seaming techniques because of how easily it is done and how the seaming stitches disappear into the seam!

Learn more from Raffamusa Designs here.

Whipstitch method to join crochet squares from Cherry Heart Crochet.

The whipstitch seam is one of the most basic seaming techniques out there. Many a child has learned to whipstitch and it’s probably one of the first seaming techniques that many crocheters learn. If you make all your squares the same color, and use the same color for seaming, your seaming stitches will be pretty well invisible. You can stitch through back loops only to leave a bit of a raised edge around each square as in the photo above, or you can stitch through both loops.

Learn more with Cherry Heart Crochet here.

And there you go! Eight ways crochet motif joining methods! If you are looking for motifs to make I have a few to share with you!

Peacock Feather Afghan Square

Solid Granny Square with Invisible Seam

Happy crocheting!

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Three photos of crochet motifs demonstrating different ways to join or seam them. Text reads: 8 Methods to join crochet motifs. Round up from Banana Moon Studio. Cherry Heart Crochet. Knitter Knotter.

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