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Crochet Pattern Book Review: Vintage Modern Crochet

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This is such a great crochet pattern book!

Today I’m here to review a new crochet book for you! This is Vintage Modern Crochet by Robyn Chachula.



I love this book! The idea of this book is to take vintage crochet techniques and show them off in ways that are sure to appeal to modern stitchers. There are so many patterns in here that I would love to make for myself! Let’s start by showing off my favorites!


(C) Interweave/F+W
Fleur Swing Top
Designed by Megan Granholm

I love this top! It is made in (affiliate link) Cascade Heritage Silk. A sweater made in dreamy soft merino and silk sock yarn?! Yes please! That just sounds so delightful. I love the different stitch pattern in the yoke vs. the body. This is not a complicated pattern, but it’s just simply beautiful. The button detail is a really neat idea that adds so much character to it. This is Tunisian crochet. I’ve never made anything this large in Tunisian, so this interests me because it’s different than other things I’ve made.



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Leopold Pullover
Designed by Robyn Chachula

This top is classic Robyn Chachula. She’s designed a lot of motif tops that are really fabulous! They make for really beautiful lacy tops! What’s interesting about this one is that the motifs are joined using Bruges lace techniques. I’ve done a little with Bruges lace in my Scamp Bandana, and Pensacola Poncho, but I’ve barely tapped the surface of the incredible things that Bruges lace can do, and this book contains four patterns that will allow you to really dive into the awesomeness that it produces!


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Temperance Jewelry
Designed by Robyn Chachula

I’m in love with this jewelry set! It reminds me of peacock feathers, which are so colorful and exotic! I really like the color combinations! I’ve never made crochet jewelry either, so this is another project that would be something new for me.


(C) Interweave/F+W
Priya Cowl
Designed by Robyn Chachula


What draws me to Priya Cowl is the color combination, the edging, and the buttons. I have a lot of cowls, scarves, and shrugs, but none quite like this one. This is also a Tunisian project that uses several different stitch patterns, so it’s a great project to explore what Tunisian crochet can do.

Besides great projects (so many more great ones in addition to these!) what can you expect from this book? Every project has at least some stitch diagrams. All the garments contain schematics. There are lots of diagrams included, everywhere you’d want them. It comes from stellar designers, and a great publisher and book team! You can be assured of quality patterns. As you may have noticed from the patterns that I featured above, Robyn isn’t the only designer whose work is in the this book, but she had a hand in choosing all the patterns. The other designers included in the book are top notch as well!

Looking for some of my vintage-inspired crochet patterns? Look here:

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This bohemian head wrap is crafted with traditional Bruges lace!

Take a classic ripple stitch and infuse it with lace and beads!


Happy stitching!

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Review of Vintage Modern Crochet pattern book from Robyn Chachula. Review from Banana Moon Studio.

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