Book Review: Free-Spirit Shawls

I have the pleasure of telling you about a fantastic book by Lisa Shroyer, editor of Knitscene magazine. The book is Free-Spirit Shawls, a collection of knit shawls in various shapes and sizes.  I am so excited that Interweave sent me this book to review because I am in love with shawls, and I’ve been improving my knitting skills, and there are some beautiful projects in this book!

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Hands down my favorite project in the book is Rhoeas, by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark.  I will make this shawl!

Photo by Joe Hancock

My other favorites are Cimarron by Alexis Winslow,

Cimarron Shawl from Free-Spirit Shawls. Knitting book review from Banana Moon Studio

Framework, which is also by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark, Lindsay (the shawl on the cover) by Tabetha Hedrick, and Glen Lennox by Kate Gagnon Osborn.

Glen Lennox Shawl from Free-Spirit Shawls. Knitting book review from Banana Moon Studio

I’m actually planning to cast-on Glen Lennox to take with me on a trip soon as my project to work on while travelling.  I’m using some very luscious Plymouth Baby Alpaca Worsted in #100 natural that Mr. AC got me for our anniversary this year.  It will be glorious to wear!  This will also be my first knit project with a cable.

Have you seen the book?  Which projects are your favorites?  Have you started any?


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There are so many great shawls in this book, but that isn’t all that’s great about it.  There is a section about how to wear your shawl, so that you can try out other ideas besides the traditional.  There are sections that discuss different shawl shapes and types of construction, which is great for me since I hope to get into knit design someday.  There is also a “Techniques” section in the back with some explanations about cast-ons and bind-offs that will be really helpful to me, being that I am still pretty new to knitting.

Really, if you love knitting and wearing shawls, you won’t want to miss out on this fabulous book!  I am so glad that it is in my crafting library!


Happy Stitching!


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