7 thoughts on “New Brand Name and Logo”

  1. How fun!! The logo is great!! I love the background story on it too, especially if you are including this explanation into the new profile page on your site!


  2. April I love the logo. I to have been struggling with a name and had not thought to go in a non-name related direction. You have given me something to think about with your logo.I am a want to be designer still trying to get my first published work.


  3. I sure appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for my new name and logo. I love it too! Leandra, I hope that your design endeavors go well! Thanks for the complement. Most of the designers I know of just use their actual name or a nickname for themselves. I really felt though that I wanted an interesting name that would inspire other people, and that wouldn't pigeonhole me into only crochet design, so that if and when I dabble in other crafts I won't have to do it under another name. Best of luck in figuring out your brand!


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