Dyeing fiber with country classics dye, a video from Banana Moon Studio

Dyeing Fiber with Country Classics

I recently finished a spinning project that began with dyeing the fiber. It was fun! I received both the fibers and dye in my June 2019 Fiber of the Month Club box from Paradise Fibers. In the video below, I bring you along with me as I dye the fiber and then show you briefly… Continue reading Dyeing Fiber with Country Classics


Kool-aid dyeing with the kids

      A few weeks ago, for fun, the girls and I dyed some yarn with kool-aid.  I thought the girls would enjoy this and I was right.  Yay me for being a cool mom!  I've included a close-up pic of each of my girls' work: 1)Drama Queen; 2)Baby; 3)Lady Hops-a-lot; 4)Princess.    … Continue reading Kool-aid dyeing with the kids