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Lime Breeze Scarf, a Crochet Pattern

Lace scarf crochet pattern by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio(C) I Like Crochet/Prime Publishing

Crochet Lace Scarf

This is Lime Breeze Scarf, published in (affiliate link) I Like Crochet, June 2016.

This scarf is crocheted in (affiliate link) Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, color Celery Leaves. This is a worsted weight, cotton/wool blend. Even if you don’t want to use the Cotton Fleece, I’d recommend using a natural fiber yarn so that the lace pattern will block nicely.

This is a simple “spider lace” stitch pattern that really has a pleasing look. This is not a difficult pattern, so even if you are a newbie, look it up, and enjoy!

You can get the pattern on the I Like Crochet website! Click here to use my affiliate link. That’s a small commission for me, no additional cost for you. Thank you!



Back Story

I actually crocheted this scarf years before it was published. I had some of this Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in my stash and crocheted this scarf, and even wore it several times, including in our family pictures. It’s a favorite. It’s not too heavy for spring time, and it’s nice and long. I’m tall, so I like my scarves long.

When I received a call for submissions for the (affiliate link) I Like Crochet, June issue, this scarf seemed like a perfect fit! Since I’d never published it, I submitted, and they accepted! It was nice to have the scarf already made. I sent it to them, and they sent it back when they were finished with it.


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Happy stitching!

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Crochet summer lace scarf free pattern from Banana Moon Studio and I Like Crochet

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