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How to Fix Broken Yarn When Spinning; It’s Easy!

New to handspinning? Here's what you do when your yarn breaks or falls apart while spinning.


Handy Tip for Using a Drop Spindle

I just finished using my Ashford spinning wheel to ply this yarn. I spun the singles on this Schacht drop spindle. This yarn is special among my skeins of handspun because it is the first that I have dyed myself. It's not my most favorite yarn ever, color-wise, but good enough that I am undeterred,… Continue reading Handy Tip for Using a Drop Spindle


Don’t Lean Too Far Over Your Spinning

Don't Lean Too Far... Just a short post for you dear readers today. Ever wondered what would happen if you got your own hair caught in your spinning? Right here, right now, bringing you answers to life's greatest questions! This is Drama Queen learning to spin. She was pretty tense, and leaning so far over… Continue reading Don’t Lean Too Far Over Your Spinning


Not What I Thought, a Story of Handspun Yarn

More handspun to show you!!! I love spinning. I do it when I don't have an urgent project...or when I feel like avoiding my work. So, I have this Malabrigo Nube in colorway #866 Arco Iris. It is very colorful. When I got this roving I expected that it would produce very loud, bright yarn.… Continue reading Not What I Thought, a Story of Handspun Yarn


Spinzilla, a Spinning Competition

I recently participated in Spinzilla, a spinning event hosted by The National Needlearts Association (TNNA). It took place October 6-12. Beginning just after midnight on the 6th spinners across the globe began spinning. The goal, to spin as much as you possibly can in one week. I spun just a little over a mile of… Continue reading Spinzilla, a Spinning Competition