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How to Fix Broken Yarn When Spinning; It’s Easy!

So you're spinning along, enjoying the relaxing rhythm of your work, when your yarn unexpectedly breaks! Maybe you over-drafted (my usual problem) or maybe your yarn wasn't twisted enough and just fell apart. What now?! No worries friends. It is easily fixed. I have made a short video to show you how it's done. Enjoy!… Continue reading How to Fix Broken Yarn When Spinning; It’s Easy!


Don’t Lean Too Far Over Your Spinning

Don't Lean Too Far... Just a short post for you dear readers today. Ever wondered what would happen if you got your own hair caught in your spinning? Right here, right now, bringing you answers to life's greatest questions! This is Drama Queen learning to spin. She was pretty tense, and leaning so far over… Continue reading Don’t Lean Too Far Over Your Spinning


Handspun, My First Attempt

For Christmas this year I asked for, and received, a spindle -- I got 2 in fact!  The one pictured above was from my mom.  It is a medium-weight, high- or low-whorl one that I think will make a good multi-purpose spindle.  My oldest sister got me a low-whorl, comparatively heavy, rim-weighted spindle that I… Continue reading Handspun, My First Attempt