Gracie Lacy Capris

Today's featured pattern is called "Gracie Lacy Capris", capris for girls in sizes 2[4, 6, 8]. I actually designed this pattern a few years ago, and it has been available as an individual pattern since then. However, it has been simplified, and tech-edited since then. It is the only pattern in this collection that is… Continue reading Gracie Lacy Capris


Wow! So Much Good News All at Once!

Well, it's been a fun day!  I'll try to stay organized as I share all the great crochet news with you!  First, I got back the 4 items that I entered in the Oklahoma State Fair creative arts competition.  I actually knew the results a few weeks ago, but wasn't ready to post about it… Continue reading Wow! So Much Good News All at Once!