Hot Off the Hook!

I just finished this amigurumi elephant for a friend of mine.  I didn't design this.  I bought the pattern here.  It was a really great, clear pattern, with links to online tutorials to help you along.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!I've never designed an amigurumi, and actually don't think I'd care to.… Continue reading Hot Off the Hook!


One more thing from the Conference…

One more thing from the conference...now that I finally have a picture of it.Do you remember the post about this cute bag that I made for the gift exchange?Well, the beautiful sparkly pink cowl and mitts up there at the top were what I received at the gift exchange.  Great swap, huh?!  The bag was… Continue reading One more thing from the Conference…


Crafty Christmas

Hi there blog readers!  Our family had a wonderful Christmas!  I hope that you and your family did too!  We had lots of fun and did lots of things for Christmas, but I want to share with you those parts of it that were crafty in some way or another, since after all, this is… Continue reading Crafty Christmas