Product Reviews

Get your product in front of yarn-crafters with product reviews from Banana Moon Studio

Are you looking to get your yarn-craft product seen by yarn-crafters? Apply below! I am currently looking for yarn-craft products to review!


I am currently active on the following platforms:

My website, about 1200 monthly viewers (average over the last 6 months)

My email newsletter, over 700 subscribers

YouTube, over 400 subscribers

Facebook, over 800 page followers

Pinterest, about 138K monthly viewers

Instagram, almost 400 followers

Ravelry, 120 published designs

Twitter, over 350 followers

And my audience is growing every day!


What will it cost?

I am currently providing product reviews free of charge! However, you will need to provide a free product, and ship it to me at your expense.

I will spend time using the product, and provide a written and/or video review, depending on which works best. I will create a blog post with the review and share this post on all my social media platforms, multiple times.

While this service will not cost you money, what I do require is your commitment to share the link and a graphic, provided by me, for my blog post on all of your social media platforms as well, at least twice. In this way, our agreement is like a partnership. We will help each other and amplify our reach by working together to promote my post and your product!


What types of products are eligible?

Any product designed for crocheters, knitters, or spinners. I enjoy all three of these crafts and have viewers that also enjoy them. Yarn, tools, books, magazines, and anything else you can think of!

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Fill out the form below! If I accept your product for review or have further questions, I will get in touch with you.