Learn How to Seam a Sweater, Video Tutorial

Do you need to learn how to sew a sweater together? I will teach you how to sew a crochet sweater together in this video. Is your sweater knit? No problem. The process is the same.

First you will want to choose a sweater pattern and make the pieces of your sweater. I suggest my Stigler Sweater, which is the sweater you will see in this video. You can get the free pattern for this women’s crochet sweater on my blog. Click here.

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Once your pieces are all made, watch the video below and see how to seam the pieces of your sweater together step by step.

Do you like the clips that you are seeing in this video? You can get those from Annie’s here.

And now, the video.

Do you have additional questions? Please leave me a comment below!

Happy crocheting!


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Learn how to sew a sweater together with this free video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio!

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