Learn to Crochet Surface Slip Stitches


Learn to crochet slip stitches across the surface of your crochet fabric! This technique can allow you to make patterns on the surface like plaid, embroidery, letters, and geometric shapes!

I have two patterns published that uses this technique! One is called Punch Pillow, shown below. You can see that I made straight lines in different colors to create a geometric pattern on the front of the pillow. Click here to see my blog post about this design!

Learn to Crochet Surface Slip Stitches, a video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio

My other design that uses surface crochet is called Plaid Skirt, and it is just what it sounds like. The surface crochet helps make the plaid pattern. Picture below. Click here to see my blog post about Plaid Skirt!

plaid skirt

Watch the video below to learn how this is done!

Happy stitching!


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Learn to crochet surface slip stitches with this video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio

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