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Plymouth Yarn Review

Review of Plymouth yarns gina, galway sport, linaza, encore, nako baby angel. Review by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio.

When I went to TNNA in January I spoke to representatives from many yarn companies. One of those was Plymouth Yarn. I spoke with their very nice and friendly design director. She wanted to send me some of their yarns so that I could use them in swatching up design ideas. I received this box a few weeks later. These yarns are:

(Top left) Gina, a striping 100% Wool yarn that I’d say is worsted weight, but isn’t labeled with a size. This would make something really pretty in entrelac or shell stitch because of the striping. It has a nice feel, but not super soft, so I might not make something that will be against my skin with it.


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(Top right) Galway Sport, a 100% Highland Wool yarn that is going to be a great staple. I could see making a cardigan with this yarn.

(Bottom left) Linaza, a fine weight Alpaca/Linen/Tencel blend that I really like the feel of! It has a little bit of a halo and some shine to it. I could love this for a lacy top to wear over a tank or camisole. I could also love it as a sweater, shawl, cowl, or scarf.

(Bottom center) Encore, a worsted weight acrylic/wool blend that is going to make another great staple. It can be machine washed and dried, and is pretty soft, so I could love this for a child’s sweater, hat, or scarf, or for afghans.

(Bottom right) Nako Baby: Baby Angel, a striping sport weight acrylic. It can be machine washed, but I can’t tell by the symbols on the label if it can be machine dried. I’m guessing no. This could make such cute baby sweaters or blankets. I could imagine the oohs and ahhs at a baby shower if I gave a sweater made in this yarn.




I’m excited to try these yarns out! Have you used any of these? Which ones did you like? What did you like about them?

I hope you’re all doing great. I’m buried in work right now, so it was all I could do to surface for a brief blog post.


Looking for a simple crochet project? Look here:

Happy stitching all!


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