Designer Life

Catching Up, Life of a Crochet and Knitting Designer

Howdy there! I have been busy, busy here. I had a magazine project due on the 5th (Monday). I got it turned in with a few days to spare. Then I had three magazine submissions that I hoped to get in before those deadlines. The package in my mailbox is part of that effort. Those are due by the 12th (next Monday). I’m really thrilled that I was able to get it all done in time.




Today is all about prepping for tomorrow, when I head to the TNNA trade show for the first time. I am very excited! I’m nervous too though! I have to walk a show floor and try to tell lots of people I don’t know, about how awesome my work is. I’m very excited that the show is in Phoenix, AZ. It has been very cold here in Oklahoma lately. The weather in Phoenix is forecasted to be much warmer, though possibly some rain. Bring on the warm weather!

Hope you all enjoy a great weekend!

Happy stitching!

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