Potential Spinning Wheel Problem

Spinning wheel problem

Just a short post for you dear readers today about a potential spinning wheel problem, LOL. Ever wondered what would happen if you got your own hair caught in your spinning?

Right here, right now, bringing you answers to life’s greatest questions! This is Drama Queen learning to spin. She was pretty tense, and leaning so far over her work that her hair got caught in her spinning. Princess is in the background.

In other news…

Hope you are all having a fantastic week! The girls and I are finishing up our last week of school work before taking two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s. We are all looking forward to the break!

I’m working hard on a design for a magazine, and when I’m avoiding taking a break from that I’m either knitting a design with my handspun from last week’s post, or spinning wool from a brown fleece gifted to me by my friend and fellow designer Renee Rodgers.

I am also prepping for my first TNNA trade show. That will be in Phoenix, AZ in mid-January. I’m so excited (and nervous!) to be going! I ordered new business cards a couple weeks ago, and those arrived today. They turned out so great! I went with a stylized logo this time instead of my painted one, and had a picture printed on the back of one of my designs so that those I meet will have a little more by which to remember me. I got all the new contact info on it, and even included the URL for my Ravelry designer page. Thank you Ravelry for the awesome tools you have given to designers!

Stylized logo I created using MS Paint, included on my new biz cards

What do you think of the stylized logo? Like it, I hope! Anyhow, hope you all have a fantastic day!

Happy crafting!


PS – Looking for more about spinning? Here you go:

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