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My New Crochet and Knit Design Space

Introducing Juliet.

I actually got this dress form back in the spring. However, she was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Until recently, my “studio” was a corner of my not-very-large master bedroom. My business was growing and taking up more, and more, and more space. When I brought Juliet home, it was finally too much. We prepared to put the house on the market with the intention of buying a house with a studio space, among other things.




So, I had only had Juliet for a few weeks, and not even used her, when I packed her into a storage unit so that my bedroom would not look so crowded, lest I discourage some other would-be designer from buying my house by showing how a business would not fit nicely into that space.

We finally moved about a month ago into a home with a studio space! I’m sure there will be more pictures of the studio to come in the future, but you can probably tell that it is upstairs and overlooks the bottom floor.

Our new (to us) home is really nice. We all have more bedroom space, and I don’t even have to fit a business into that extra space! We also have 2 acres, about half of which is woods. We can see the stars better at night, and have so many dead branches lying around that we start a fire in our fire pit a couple times every week and sit around the fire at night.


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It might now be obvious why the blog has been SO quiet for several months now…because my life was crazy. I’m hoping that as it settles down now, I can blog more regularly.

Happy crafting!

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  1. I have one of those. Her name is Daphne (chosen by the child in the midst of a Scooby Doo craze). Daphne is a rescue story…her original owner was moving and didn't want Daphne. In fact, Daphne, who was at that time nameless, was headed to the dumpster. When it was mentioned that Daphne would soon meet her demise in the local landfill, our family stepped in to rescue her. Now she happily models all sorts of things…mostly figure skating dresses but as of late, a Halloween costume.

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