Tub o’ Wool

My good friend, and fellow designer, Renee Rodgers send me a bag of wool recently. She used to have a few sheep and this fleece was one she had left and did not have plans to use. It is a dark brown fleece.

Why is it in my bathtub? I washed it last night in my tub. She suggested that I soak it in warm water with some dish soap, then change the water several times to rinse it, until the rinse water was clear. I probably should have rinsed it another time or two, but I called it good enough when the water was mostly clear. I’m sure I’ll get more dirt out when I card it. It will be be easier to wash after it’s spun and I can soak it in a small wash tub in smaller quantities.

This was a lot of work! I had to gently turn and pick up the fleece while draining out the rinse water in order to let all of the dirty water behind and underneath escape. It is still drying in my tub with the window open, exhaust fan on, and box fan blowing on it.

I am so excited to spin this and make something lovely with it! What would you make with it if it were yours? Have you ever washed a fleece? Any suggestions or good ideas on making it easier?

Happy stitching and spinning!



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