On Tour with Brenda Bourg

(C)2013 Brenda Bourg, used with permission
Betsy’s Shawl

Today’s stop on the blog tour for my new crochet e-book of designs for girls, is Designs by Brenda, with Brenda Bourg.

Brenda is my good friend, and has been a mentor in crochet and in homeschooling. She knew I needed to homeschool before I did, and talked to me about it all the way from Minneapolis to Denver (by plane of course), not long after we met. I am more grateful for that than you can imagine!

Brenda has been very involved in the CGOA leadership, editing the Chain Link Newsletter and coordinating the Professional Development Day at both of the CGOA conferences this year. She is also a talented designer, with about 27 designs published. The picture above is her “Betsy’s Shawl”, designed in honor of a friend suffering through cancer treatment. Did I mention that Brenda is an exceptionally kind person? Well, she is.

Please visit her blog for today’s stop on the blog tour, and her Ravelry pattern store to check out her indie patterns for sale!

Other stops on the blog tour have included:
Cute Crochet Chat

Well, this brings the blog tour to a close. Big thanks to Amy Shelton, Jocelyn Sass, and Brenda Bourg for posting on their blogs about my e-book!

Oh, and I get to announce the winner of the free copy of the e-book! Congrats to Brenda B.! You are my winner!!! If you would please send an email to top.banana @ bananamoonstudio . com (taking out the spaces of course) I will email you the e-book! Congrats!!!

Happy Stitching!


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