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The Secret Lives of Knit & Crochet Designers: Ellen Gormley


When I first discovered things like current, stylish crochet designs, specialty yarn shops, and luxury yarns, I began following a few crochet designers on their blogs. One of the first two was Ellen Gormley. The other was Robyn Chachula. I discovered both of them from the first few issues of Interweave Crochet that I looked at. So, Ellen was one of my heroes, and someone that I have admired ever since. She has been a part of my journey as a crochet designer.  

I was over the moon to meet her two years ago at my first CGOA conference in Minneapolis, MN! Since then we have kept in touch online and become friends. Really makes me feel pretty special since I have looked up to her as a mentor!



She has shared some info about her “secret life” and some pictures of her work and other hobbies:

“When crochet was just a hobby, I had other hobbies as well. Photography, reading, new recipes and cooking, and Jazzercise. When crochet became my career, it remained my hobby as well. Little by little, there has been less and less time for other hobbies. Now, since I crochet full time I find that my hobbies need to be things that I can do with my kids. Priorities have made me whittle down my activities. I don’t do Jazzercise anymore since the class schedules didn’t always work. Instead I took up running because it is much more flexible with my available time. 

Ellen with her son after a race

I still read, but it’s at the end of the evening when all else is done. The kids often go with me to the library and I volunteer as a reader at their school. So, I get to read and be with the kids and volunteer all at the same time! I still have a long list of things I would do if I had more time… like sewing, more crochet, more knitting, more travel… For now, because I love crochett so much, it really does feel that I’m playing all the time.”


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I so understand that!  It is so nice that crochet can be both work and fun!  Same for me!  Below are some pictures of Ellen’s recent work.

Magenta scarf, is the “Bonus Scarf” from Ellen’s “Learn Bruges Lace” crochet book. No special tools needed. Basic crochet stitches and beginner instruction.

Mystic Fog Scarf from Ellen’s Annie’s online class, “Crocheting with Beads“.

You can learn more about Ellen on her website, GoCrochet.  Have you seen Ellen’s work before?  What’s your favorite design?

Thank you for sharing with us Ellen!

Happy stitching!

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