The Secret Lives of Knit & Crochet Designers: Linda Dean Edition

A few weeks ago I was listening to Marly Bird‘s Yarn Thing Podcast, when she mentioned having been a collegiate athlete. I wondered, hmm, which sport? So, I asked her on facebook (because apparently I am cool enough to be friends with her, wink). She said that she competed in shotput, discus, and hammer. She said that she, “fell into it. After playing volleyball in the fall, then basketball in the winter, I wanted to do a spring sport and track was on the list.”
So, that discussion got me thinking, I’m sure most crochet and knit designers have other things they’ve been involved in that we would find interesting, so once in awhile I’ll talk to my design friends and see if they will share their “secret lives” with me to share on the blog. We begin with my friend Linda Dean, whom I met at my first CGOA conference in 2011. Her first professionally published patterns appeared in 2012, so she is still pretty new to the scene.

Tunisian Mini Shawl by Linda Dean
Here is what Linda told me about her “secret life”:
Careers: Resource specialist for aging service and caregivers (you need some thing for some one over the age of 60, I probably have a program for you, and lets not get me started on the topic of Alzheimer’s …I can go on for a while).

How I got involved, I have always worked well with older adults so when needing work, it became a good fit. There was some over lap with my designing, and it helped me realize that when opportunities present themselves in life, it is too short to wait for the next time, you need to take it now. I also had great support from the families I had helped over the years that inspired ideas. 

More career…photo processor (in the days before digital I processed 35mm and 110 film), this experience helped me understand color and composition. There is nothing like seeing thousands of photos to see what works and what doesn’t, visually. 

Hobbies- Middle Eastern Bellydance, it has been completely crazy how this has contributed to my designing. The choreography has helped inspire crochet stitches and patterns, more then I would ever have realized.

Simply Girl Summer Top by Linda Dean

Beautiful work, right?!  And not only a wonderful designer, but a super nice person as well.  Have you seen Linda’s work?  What is your favorite design of her’s?

Happy stitching!

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