You Get What You Pay For

The circular knitting needle set above is by Knitter’s Pride and is a wonderful set that is very enjoyable to use!  It was also a gift from my mom ❤

Many months before receiving this very nice gift I went to a chain hobby store that will remain unnamed and bought a relatively inexpensive circular knitting needle set that was something like their “store brand”.  I thought I was getting a great deal on a great set of tools, but I was wrong.

The cables were very inflexible.  In an effort to make up for that, they had these bent joins that made the cables even more difficult to work with.  I actually resorted to using DPNs once instead because they were so unpleasant to work with.  All the knitters I knew insisted that circulars and magic loop were better than DPNs, but because of my inferior tools, I preferred the DPNs.

Not many months after purchasing that set, one of the cables separated from its metal connector.  Now, I did not ever contact said store, or manufacturer, about that.  Maybe they would have replaced the cable, but I doubt it.  And even if they would have, I would not have wanted it.

Thank goodness for moms that understand the joy of good tools!  My mom spent more on this set, than I did on the other, though not tons more.  Thank you Mom!  The cables are supple and easy to work with.  The needles are nice and pointy…I like that.  They are wooden…even better.  She bought them at Gourmet Yarn Co. — my fav LYS.  If one of them ever breaks or has a problem, I already know exactly who to ask to replace it.  Her name is Margaret and I’ve met her.  She knows my name and says hello when I walk in the store.

Ahhhh….that’s better.  You get what you pay for.

Happy stitching!


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