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Jimbo Crochet Hooks

Introducing my collection of Jimbo crochet hooks.  This is a complete set from F through K, including a size 7.  These are handmade by Jim Price of Washington state, who not only makes beautiful hooks, but is a really nice person!  He stands behind his work like no one I know.  The first hook I ever bought from him was the size 7, third from the left.  When I opened the box, while standing in my kitchen, my kids were jumping up and down to see what was in the package.  They bumped my arm as I took it out and it hit the ceramic tile floor, hook down.  The hook broke off because, as Jim explained to me, this wood is very hard, but that means that it won’t bend at all, so it broke.  I emailed to thank him for the hook but to tell of my disappointment.  I didn’t ask for a replacement, given that it was my own (or my kids’) fault.  He insisted on replacing it anyway.  I was amazed! I’ve learned to be more cautious with them since then.




He auctions off these beautiful hooks on his blog, Jimbo’s Front Porch.  I have seen individual hooks go for $20 all the way up to $60.  It really is exciting to win the auction and get to have one!

I actually love finding what kind of wood these are made from every time he posts an auction for another hook, so I will tell you about these hooks.  From left to right, smallest to largest.

The F hook is made of canary wood, the G is made from apple wood from Jim’s ranch. The 7 is made from Panamanian rosewood — beautiful grain in this wood.  The H is extra special.  It came from the wood of a pecan tree that was felled by the May 20th tornado in Moore, OK.  My husband was helping clear fallen trees to be hauled off and saved a pecan log that we cut into 10 in. lengths and shipped to Jim.  He is making other hooks out of this wood and auctioning them on his blog.  He is donating the proceeds to the relief effort.  The I is made of zebra wood, the J of zircote.  The K is made of canary wood, just like the F.

I LOVE working with these hooks!  They are my very favorites to use.  I like the larger grip size — more comfortable for loooooong crocheting sessions.  I love the pointed, in-line hook heads.  They make it so much easier to work into chains and tight stitches.  The wood is SO smooth and comfortable to hold.  I love that they are longer than your standard crochet hook, so the end of it does not rub in the heel of my hand while I work.  I also love the natural beauty of the wood and like that there is not any kind of intricate decoration on the handle that might rub in my hand and be irritating.  I just like the plain, natural, smooth, beautiful wood.


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I am so happy to finally have this set of hooks.  These are the sizes I use most.  I can work with fingering weight yarn all the way up to worsted weight yarn with this set.  He doesn’t make them much smaller than this, although I did see an E up for auction once. He does make them bigger though, so I may eventually try to snag and L, M or N for bulky yarns.

Aren’t these beautiful?!  Do you have a Jimbo hook?  Tell me about it — what size and what wood?  What do you love about them?

Happy stitching!

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