Growing in Your Shade

A mother tree drops her seeds
In the fertile ground beneath her leaves.
Her seedling grows well in her shade
As time goes on and seasons fade.
Protected from the harsh Summer sun
As her mother tree gives her ample love.
Shielded from the strong Fall winds
By her mother — her dearest friend.
Blessed by her mother who stands nearby
She survives snowy winters, cold as ice.
When Spring arrives, the mother tree
Sprinkles rain gently through her leaves.
With protection in her mother’s grace
She grows in stature, height, and strength.
Until her roots, intertwined with mother’s
And branches strong and tall as other’s
Live side by side with her as friends
Helping each other through the wind.
Mother you have loved me all my life through
And cared and sheltered as I grew.
Just as that tree who cared for her seed
You have protected and watched over me.
Now we are friends and I am here
To love, bless, and help you through the years.
— April Garwood, Mother’s Day May 12, 2013
I love my wonderful mother!  She has taken care of me and taught me so that I could become a happy and fulfilled woman and mother.  She is a gift to me, and I am proud to be her daughter.  She also taught me to love needle-crafting, which we all know is a fantastic gift!
Below are some examples of my mom’s crafty handiwork.
Back of my wedding gown, which she made.

Edging detail on my wedding gown.

Knit socks that she made for me.
Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!  I hope you have a wonderful day and that it involves lots of relaxing stitching!

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