Kicking off National Crochet Month!

Blocking the flowered portion of the Fiesta Blouse from Crochet Today! May/June 2012.  Shown here just for crochet eye candy.

Happy National Crochet Month!  What will you do to promote the art of crochet this month?  Please share in the comments or on my Facebook page.  I am participating in a Crochet Blog Tour organized by Owner of Crochetville and CGOA President Amy Shelton.  I’ll also be teaching a beginning crochet class this month and in general, doing lots of crocheting and designing.

As part of the crochet tour we are supporting the charity organization Project Night Night.  You can donate $$, or new purchased or handmade blankets 50″ x 60″ or smaller, children’s books, and new purchased or handmade stuffed animals 18″ or smaller.  See their website for details on what they need and how to help.  I think it would be awesome to have lots of crocheters make blankets or amigurumi  to donate this month.

The blog tour will make a stop at the blog of one or two Professional, or Associate Professional,  Crocheters every day this month.  Here is the schedule:

March 1 Jenny King and Shelby Allaho
March 2 Ellen Gormley and Nancy Nehring
March 3 Phyllis Serbes and Mona Muhammad
March 4 Amy O’Neill Houck and Akua Hope
March 5 Mary Jane Hall and Lindsey Stephens
March 6 Edie Eckman and Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
March 7 Jennifer Cirka and Annette Stewart
March 8 Andrea Graciarena and LeAnna Lyons
March 9 Dawn Cogger and Angela Whisnant
March 10 Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten and Renee Rodgers
March 11 Joy Prescott and Donna Childs
March 12 Pam Daley and Deb Burger
March 13 Tammy Hildebrand and Marty Miller
March 14 Jocelyn Sass
March 15 Andee Graves
March 16 Laurinda Reddig
March 17 Brenda Bourg
March 18 Rhonda Davis
March 19 Julie Oparka
March 20 April Garwood
March 21 Alaina Klug
March 22 Erin Boland
March 23 Margaret Hubert
March 24 Bonnie Barker
March 25 Kim Guzman and Susan Huxley
March 26 Susan Lowman
March 27 Marie Segares
March 28 Kathy White
March 29 Amy Shelton and Donna Hulka
March 30 Linda Dean
March 31 Karen C K Ballard and Gwen Blakley-Kinsler

I hope that you all enjoy the trip through crochet country this month.  I look forward to seeing you all back here on March 20th when yours truly will host the blog tour for a day.  Until then…

Happy stitching!
April 🙂


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