Fan Patterns

Once upon a time, I went to a conference called The Knit and Crochet Show in Minneapolis, MN.  While there I met Bobbie Matela, the Design Production Manager for Coats and Clark.  I showed her some crochet design ideas that I had and she liked them!  Those ideas of mine have now been published in the Red Heart booklet, Winter Warmers.

I have three patterns in the booklet, though it contains thirteen patterns all together.  The last three designs in the booklet are mine.  They are:

My Fans Mitts
(C) Coats & Clark
Brimming With Fans Hat
(C) Coats & Clark

The Fan Dimension Scarf
(C) Coats & Clark

All three patterns are made in Red Heart Super Saver.  The mitts are worked from the center of the top of your hand around.  Pretty cool construction there if you ask me!  The hat, I love!  I haven’t made one for myself yet, but believe me, I will!  It is a cloche hat with overlapping fans around the brim.  This took some trial and error to get the shape just right, but once I got it, I knew it was perfect!  The scarf is not done justice by pictures, thought these are nice pictures, it’s a pattern that you have to see in person and touch to appreciate how it is textured and dimensional.  The fans overlap and the edges of them stick up.  It is a little like crocodile stitch in that regard, but it is not made the same.

I have not seen the booklet at stores near my home, though you may find it at a store near you, since there are many Red Heart booklets available in craft stores.  You can order it in hard copy or digital version from Red Heart.  If you get the patterns and make one, two, or all of them, I’d love to see pictures and feature them on the blog.  You can always email pictures of your FO’s made from my patterns to bananamoonstudio @ att . net to have them featured on the blog, or you can post them on Ravelry and I’ll see them there.

Happy Stitching Friends!

April 🙂


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