Anniversary gift ideas for crocheters and knitters from Banana Moon Studio
Gifts for Crocheters and Knitters

Anniversary Gifts for Crocheters and Knitters

Anniversary gift ideas for crocheters and knitters from Banana Moon Studio

Anniversary yarn

Recently Mr. AC and I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary.  We had 2 1/2 days to be away from home and just be grown-ups and enjoy being together. We did several fun things.  But the first place we went was, of course, the yarn store!  Not because I needed to, but just because I wanted to, and I could without having to keep my kids from grabbing everything.  So, of course I had to buy something, and I chose the yarn below which is Feza Alp Premier (colorway #023).  This is a high-end novelty yarn and is just gorgeous!!!

Feza Yarns Alp Premier(C) Feza Yarns, used with permission

It is 210 yds of “Mixed Content” lengths of interesting yarns tied together at the ends. There is ribbon yarn, a fuzzy yarn a little like an eyelash yarn, and ladder yarn.  A Ravelry search turned up lots of great ideas for projects! Click here to see those.  I’m thinking of making a wrap with it.

Well, as we were perusing, I spoke briefly with one of the co-owners of the store and mentioned that we were celebrating our anniversary.  Shortly before we left he mentioned that he was “pretty sure” (with a wink) that the “official” gift for the 9th anniversary was yarn, as opposed to the schedule of gemstones that has been concocted by jewelers for nearly every anniversary there is.  I told him that I was “pretty sure” (with a wink) that there was some type of yarn associated with every anniversary — not just the 9th one!

Well, this turned out to be self-fulfilling prophecy!  As Mr. AC and I drove around to our various activities that day we put together the now “official” list of yarn to gift for anniversaries.  Now you can show this to your spouse and reassure him/her that “yarn is after all cheaper than gemstones,” with a nice big grin or some puppy-dog eyes, whichever is most effective in your relationship wink.

The “official” list of yarn anniversary gifts!

1      Colorful variegate

2      Acrylic

3      Cotton

4      Eyelash

5      Pima Cotton

6      Bamboo

7      Wool

8      Superwash Wool

9      High End Novelty (of course, this choice is a nod to our anniversary)

10    Alpaca

11    Bulky weight

12    DK weight

13    Sock/fingering weight

14    Lace weight

15    Camel

20    Alpaca Silk

25    Silk

30    Yak

35    Mohair

40    Angora

45    Qiviut (from the hair of the musk ox)

50    Cashmere






I’d love to hear what you think about my yarn anniversary list!  Leave me a comment or post pictures of your anniversary yarn on my Facebook page!

Happy crocheting!


Anniversary gift ideas for crocheters, knitters, and crafters from Banana Moon Studio

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