I hope that everyone had a wonderful and happy Valentines Day a couple of weeks ago.  This post is obviously, not very timely.  I should have written this weeks ago, but you know, life gets busy.  The picture there is what my sweetheart gave me for the big day.  Can’t ask for a better gift than that — 5 hanks of the new Cascade Yarns UltraPima Fine, and an Addi crochet hook.  I haven’t used either of them yet, but I’m really looking forward to it!  The yarn is so new that they don’t even have free patterns up their website yet.  I may design something with them, or I may just use someone else’s pattern for the sake of having a relaxing project.  I also learn things from other designers when I work from their patterns.

Did you get a fibery Valentines gift?  I’d love to hear about it if you did!

I am busy working on a design project for a yarn company right now, and I should have yarn arriving any day for a magazine project.  I also just got a call for submissions to think about, and those submissions are due the same day that my mag project is due, so, it’s business as usual around here — busy!

I should have a bunch of new patterns to show you within the next month, and I can hardly wait for it to get started!  The only question is, which one will I get to show you first?!  Stay tuned for those…

Happy crocheting!

April 🙂

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