Ugly But Useful

Recently I got tired of the vast number of swatches lying around on my sewing table.  So, I started sewing them together.  I did not make something pretty out of them, but it is functional.  I put together this scrap afghan and put it in the car for the kids to use when we are driving somewhere.  They LOVE it.  Some of these swatches are nothing interesting, but some of them are.

At the very top you can see a small orange swatch which was one of my gauge swatches from the T. Rex Hat and Mitts in Interweave Crochet, Accessories 2011.  The large yellow swatch is a very intricate cabled piece that was my first experience with crocheted cables.  It was from a baby blanket pattern that was in Interweave Crochet a few years ago called Sólás Caomh, by Jodi Euchner, from Interweave Crochet Spring 2009.  I actually had not done much more with crocheted cables before designing the Spring Creek Jumper, which was cabled.  They really aren’t that hard, and this swatch was trial by fire, so to speak.  Many of these swatches are things I considered making, but never did.  Even more of them are swatches I made of old yarn that I knew I would never use for anything, so I just worked them up in new and interesting stitch patterns for the sake of using up the yarn.  A very few of the swatches might be from projects that have yet to be released…

This just shows that something doesn’t have to be pretty to be useful.  I hope that you are all enjoying a fantastic new year so far!  Things are great here.  I am busy working on a project for publication.  My girls and I began homeschooling this week, and it went really well.  I am anxiously waiting for some new patterns to be released.  I will be so excited to show those to you when they are available!

Happy crocheting everyone!

April 🙂


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