Cowl for my sister & a box!

 This is me wearing a cowl that I made.  I made it for my sister, but she wasn’t around when I finished it to snap a picture.  I gave it to her yesterday.  I really like how it turned out!  The yarn is Noro Furisode which is a silk/cotton/wool blend.  It is a bulky weight.  I didn’t realize this at first.  It looked like a worsted weight to me, but I found that it really needed at least an M hook, which is what I used.  It probably could have worked equally well on a size or two larger hook.  It is a hand wash/dry flat yarn.  It doesn’t feel especially soft in the hank but felt quite a bit softer once I had stitched it.  Still though, I’m hoping that it will soften even more after washing.  The colors turned out really pretty.  It striped just perfectly!  Almost one complete round per color.  This is simply a shell stitch, nothing fancy.  What do you think, would someone be interested in paying for a pattern for this?

The box pictured below contains what has kept me busy and quiet for the last few weeks.  I can’t tell you much about what’s in it, except that I will be so thrilled to show you pictures of it once the pattern is published!  I shipped it off last week.  I have a short breather so that I can blog, do last month’s biz finance, and maybe even crank out a simple self-publish pattern today. 

Have a lovely day and happy stitching everyone!

April 🙂

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