Woohoo! I finished something for myself!

I finished making myself a pair of socks.  The pattern is Adirondack Socks by my good friend Patsy Harbor.  This pattern was published in Interweave Crochet, Fall 2009.

They turned out so pretty and comfy!  I LOVE them!  The yarn I used is Malabrigo Sock #474 Caribeno.  This is a superwash merino wool that is nice and soft.  1 Skein makes a pair of socks.  I’m so happy to have made something for myself!  I hardly ever do that.

I am currently working on a magazine project that was going really well…but I have suffered a major set back.  Apparently my gauge changed between my swatch and my project….So, I hae a lot of ripping and re-working to do.  Atleast I still have plenty of time until my deadline.  Trust me though, when this is done, and I can show it to you, you’ll LOVE it!

Also, this week I took a very brief break to make a couple of super-hero masks to donate for my daughter’s school class’s basket for their upcoming silent auction fundraiser.  I’d have rather made these from someone else’s pattern just so that it would be quick.  I searched Ravelry to see if there were any free patterns available, and I only found one crochet super-hero mask pattern that was part of a downloadable booklet that cost $4.50 or so.  So, I charted it out myself, instead of paying for one.  It took me three or four tries before I got it just right.  I’m thinking that I’m going to have to self-publish this pattern, but I’ll show you a pic of Lady Hops-s-lot wearing one.

Cute huh?!  This will be a quick fun one to publish. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Happy crocheting!

April 🙂


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