Opening the mailbox doesn’t get better than this!

This is what came in the mail for me today!  It just doesn’t get better than that!  And to make it even better, there wasn’t anything else in there — not a single bill or piece of junk mail!  Pure crochet bliss!

I was so awed by that really cool hat and cowl on the cover of Crochet Today!  It is beautfiul!  The designer is Cristina Mershon, who I’ve never heard of, but way to go Cristina — fantastic! (Edited – I looked up Cristina Mershon and found her on Ravelry.  Come to find out, she is a fellow Oklahoman.  Yay!)

The yarn that arrived was ordered from WEBS for making hats and mittens for the Etsy shop, and then another variety of yarn for swatching.  Bet you can’t guess what I’ll be doing today… 🙂

Now, in non-crochet news, look what Baby did yesterday:

She really likes yogurt, and I was busy watching an episode of Nova (the PBS show) that my dad brought over a DVD of for me to watch about fractal geometry.  (He’s hoping I can find ways to use it in my crochet design.  I’ll have to ponder on that for awhile…)  Anyway, Baby got hungry and went after one of her favorite snacks.  I went out the kitchen awhile later to see what she was in to, and this is what I found.  I know it encourages these kind of shenanigans to take pictures, but I just think that I have to document these kinds of things so they can see how they drove me crazy when they were little.  I carried her to the tub from here and cleaned her up.  Kids!…

I also wanted to tell everyone how wonderful my sweetheart is.  He brought these home a couple days ago

These are my all time favorite flowers!  Gerbera Daisies.  I had the same variety of flowers as my wedding flowers.  I LOVE them!  And, they weren’t for a special occasion, they were “just because”.

Anyway, we’re having a good week, and a nice weekend.  I got that wonderful mail today, and I get to go to knit-in at my LYS tonight, where I will be a rebel and crochet.  I’m in the process of preparing submission swatches and they are going really well so far!

Happy crocheting!

April 🙂


4 thoughts on “Opening the mailbox doesn’t get better than this!”

  1. I am glad to see that my math geeks (husband & son) were not the only ones thinking that crochet would work with fractals.Loved the picture of baby. Reminded me of the day(MANY YEARS AGO) my son found the squeeze margarine in the fridge. Talk about a shiny linoleum floor.


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