One more thing from the Conference…

One more thing from the conference…now that I finally have a picture of it.

Do you remember the post about this cute bag that I made for the gift exchange?
Well, the beautiful sparkly pink cowl and mitts up there at the top were what I received at the gift exchange.  Great swap, huh?!  The bag was cute, but I LOVE the cowl and mitts.  Obviously, they don’t work for this time of year.  I was pretty warm just taking that picture a few minutes ago.  However, they will be great for fall and winter.  I can’t wait!  I will pretty likely wear the cowl to church a few times this winter, and the set I’ll wear together outside.  I got this from Pam of Illinois.  Thanks Pam!
I mailed off a project this week to the buyer and got yarn for two more projects.  There should be another box of yarn or maybe two arriving next week as well.  So, it’s super busy around here!  I was kind of stressed out this week.  It was the first full week of school for Drama Queen and Princess, so we have to get back into the school routine, and throw some new after-school activites for the the two of them into the mix.  Next week should be a little more mellow though. 
Well, back to designing!  Happy crocheting!
April 🙂

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