Skirts for my Girlies

 At the beginning of the summer I decided to begin a sewing project that I would have the girls help with so that they could learn about sewing how I learned from my mom.  So, we went to the fabric store and picked out a pattern and fabric.  There was some difficulty choosing the pattern because the girls thought that the picture you saw in the pattern catalog was exactly how your finished garment would turn out.  They didn’t realize that it didn’t have to be the same color or print.  Drama Queen is not into pink, and the skirt on the pattern was a pink plaid.  So, we had to straighten that issue out.  Then we had to choose fabric and that proved to be a little challenging as well because they kept wanting to choose fleece….yea, a fleece skirt….  I finally managed to steer them toward the cotton prints.  They each chose their own fabric and we managed to agree on a pattern.  I was economical (or cheap, however you prefer to say it) and only bought one pattern packet, which meant that Princess and Lady Hops-a-lot got theirs made in a size 6 even though they both wear a size 5.  The elastic waistband made it fit well enough, though they are a little on the long side.  So, the picture above is Lady Hops-a-lot in her royal blue skirt.

 And the next picture is Princess in her turquoise Strawberry Shortcake print skirt.  Then last, but not least, is Drama Queen in her turquoise and teal flower print skirt.  I am pleased with how they all turned out.  Very cute!

And for the sake of equal blog exposure, here is a picture of Baby in her dress-up finery, complete with an Ariel doll.  What this picture doesn’t show, that I wish it did, was the colorful print socks and rainbow colored tennis shoes she was also wearing.  She looked fabulous 😉  Aren’t my kiddos cute?!

Did anyone else do any sewing projects this summer?  Tell me all about ’em!

Until next time, happy crocheting!

April 🙂

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