My FABULOUS Studio ;)

Well, if it isn’t clear from this picture, I don’t have a dedicated room for a studio.  This is one small portion of mine and Mr AC’s bedroom.  If you rotate about 90 degrees to the left you would see my sewing table and a bunch of stuff on the wall.  That area is so messy that I decided not to horify any of you with a picture of it.  Mostly what is piled up there are works-in-progress.  My “studio” also expands to the computer desk and adjacent filing cabinet in the living room, where I have a lap desk with my current project, two of them actually, stacked on top of it.  The space in the picture above is actually more organized than it had been a few hours before taking this picture.  We got a twin size bed for Lady Hops-a-lot the weekend this was taken, and got Baby out of the crib and into the toddler bed.  The little white “cubbies” on top of the antique green dresser were, when turned the other direction, a small set of white shelves that Baby and Lady Hops-a-lot had in their room.  They weren’t using it for anything worthwhile, so I grabbed it and put it here to better organize the top of this dresser.  You can see my rather large stack of crochet magazines on top, some finished baby mittens, and a box of business cards on top.  In the left cubby is a random sampling of my stash.  In the right cubby is quite a bit of crochet thread that I am not likely to use, and several small bags of pompoms that I’ve made.  In those drawers is more yarn, and all the boxes on the right hand side are also full of yarn….I think I might have an addiction….do you think I need help?

This past weekend was wonderful, but busy!  Mr AC graduated with his Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Oklahoma.  Princess enjoyed her first dance recital.  So did the rest of us!  Her dance school has a strong Christian focus, which we love!  She was a Cheetah in Noah’s Ark.  It was so cute!  We really enjoyed our weekend, busy though it was!  Oh, and I worked on a pair of crochet baby mittens while we were driving all over the place.  On Sunday I got to sleep in as usual, since Mr AC manages to get by on less sleep than I do, and is so extremely nice that he gets up with the kids almost every Saturday and Sunday without any complaint.  I’m spoiled, I know!  Sunday afternoon we went to church, as always.  It was lovely, as Sundays usually are.  How was your weekend?

Happy crafting!

April 🙂

3 thoughts on “My FABULOUS Studio ;)”

  1. Well, I love it. Its definitely more organized than my sewing studio. I'm still trying to convince DH that bookshelves aren't going to cut it in my line of work. And when space is an issue, creativity is vital. Can't wait to see your next project!

  2. Thank you both! We are all happy that the hubbs is finished with school! I don't know that I gave that the attention it deserved in this post…but I am so proud of him and elated to be finished with school! I hope that as time goes on I can improve my “studio” space dramatically!

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