Crochet Liberation Front Flamie Award Nominations

Hello readers!  How’s your Monday going?  I wanted to inform all of you today about an exciting time of year in crochet circles.  There is an organization called The Crochet Liberation Front (CLF).  The idea of this group if for crocheters to be unapologetic about their love of crochet in the face of knitters that might look down on our craft.  We should not be ashamed, or embarrassed about our love of crochet.  Crochet proudly in public and “raise your hooks” high with pride.  This time of year you can nominate your favorite designers, books, magazines, blogs, etc. for the annual Flamie Awards given by the CLF for the best in the crochet world.  You can contribute your nominations on CLF Award Nomination Ravelry group (click to go there).  You can also find a Crochet Liberation Front Ravelry group that is just a basic group, and not specifically related to the Flamie Awards here, and their website here.  I encourage you to make your voice heard in those nominations, and again in a few months when the voting takes place. 

I’ll be putting together a blog post in a couple days about a crochet project I finished this past week.  Until then, happy crocheting and nominating!

April 🙂

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