Seeking Inspiration

Hello Blog Readers!  As you may have noticed, I haven’t found much to blog about lately.  I know that I will have a reveal, two actually, for you in the next couple of weeks.  Until then though I’ll be continuing to make mittens for the shop.  I’ve also ordered some yarn to make a few of my “Beautiful Arches Boleros” as finished items for the shop.  I am working, rather slowly, on a design that will either be sold to a yarn company or self-published.  I have box of yarn on the way, that, as I mentioned, contains yarn for boleros, and also more mitten yarn.  I’ve already said quite a bit about those things though, and wonder if you’d rather hear nothing than the bored with details of the same things over again.  So, my question is, what would you like me to write about?  Do you have a question? a comment? an idea? a suggestion?  As you contemplate on that, let me point out that anyone in the US making orders of finished items from the shop for Christmas needs to place their order by 8 am Monday December 20th.  Anyone ordering patterns for Christmas from my Etsy shop should do so by the end of the day December 23rd.  You can buy them on Ravelry anytime and get an immediate download because their system does that without my involvement.  I look forward to hearing your suggestions! 

Happy crafting!

April 🙂

Wool and bamboo thumbless baby mittens – size 0 to 6 months in sand and aqua (will be listed in the shop either tonight or tomorrow).

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  1. I really like seeing your new designs – peaks of them and the reveal. I'd like to see you write about things that inspire you. Its tough knowing what to write though. I keep my blog as more of a diary for me. I'm not sure if anyone even reads it (and honestly, don't really care) But, I think that if I should die prematurely, the blog would be some sort of record of my crafting life. My daughter and any future grandkids, could always look back and read it. So basically, I'm blogging for future descendants. Lol. Imagine how insightful it would be if our ancestors kept blogs.

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