So, I’ve been planning for awhile to go to the Knit and Crochet Show next summer. I’m so excited about going! We’ll leave this thought for a minute and come back to it.

I’ve been contemplating what I really want to accomplish in my crochet career. I really love my Etsy shop! But, I also like designing for magazines occasionally.  I don’t think I have it in me to be like a lot of designers and have constant magazine and yarn company work, with all of the deadlines that come with it.  Deadlines tend to stress me out.  Maybe mostly because I can’t really afford to spend that much time on crochet right now.  I kind of have to put a lot of important things on the back burner to finish on time.  I don’t mind a project with a deadline every now and then, but back to back, one on top of another, would not be very pleasant to me.  Maybe as I get more experience and designing gets easier I won’t mind so much.  Anyway, so I’ve been contemplating how to balance my Etsy shop with designing.  I think that for the most part I just want to pursue contracts with Interweave Crochet right now, and not with other possible publishers.  Maybe I’ll expand to afew others once my girls are all in school.  In between those contracts, I focus on my shop, both finished items and self-publish patterns.  So, as I’ve been thinking about attending the K&C Show, I’ve been primarily thinking of the benefits to going as a designer — being able to meet editors and show them my work.  Lately, as I’ve been contemplating my focus I’ve been wondering whether or not it would be worth it to go.  Other professionals have given me an estimate that I could plan to spend $1500-$2000 not counting the plane ticket.  Last night I was listening to radio.lds.org in the evening.  This is an online radio station geared towards mormons (you can find a widget for it in the sidebar of my blog).  The program on at the time was a recording of one of the apostles, Henry Eyering, speaking about the importance of education.  He said that when we follow Christ we can’t help but have a desire for self-improvement and education.  He said that spiritual education is certainly most important, but does not negate the need for secular education.  As I was listening to this, I felt a very clear thought come to me that I know was from the Holy Ghost, that I need to go to this conference to persue education in my chosen field.  That is the reason for going — to educate myself.  I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost, and for Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father communicating to me what they need me to do.  Just thought I’d share that.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Last night I was working on new mittens for the shop.  Below is a picture of a pair that I plan to list tonight.  They are 0 to 6 month size in pail pink and a mint green.  They are so cute!

Happy crafting!

April 🙂

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