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Momwhoknits asked me why I chose to use Etsy to set up my online shop, and if I had ever heard of  Thanks for your question!  Here is my answer:

I first heard of Etsy in one of the first issues of Interweave Crochet that I read.  I was very intrigued, so I went to the website and looked around.  I was very impressed by many of the outstanding, beautiful, creative, unique things that I found there.  At that time I did not know of any other online handmade marketplaces.  I have since read of a few times, but have never actually visited the site, so I can’t really give an opinion on it, except that Etsy’s marketing efforts paid off, and Artfire’s apparently did not.  I am seeing a lot more ads for individual shops within Etsy, than I am for Artfire shops lately as well.  When other sellers, or the Etsy admin, bring attention to the site, it helps all of the sellers, including me.  I do not however feel that Etsy is perfect.  I have a serious problem with their ridiculously low standards on what constitutes a “mature” item or image.  However, I have discovered that the only place that I tend to happen upon such images unawares (and I never go seeking them, so it doesn’t happen any other way) is when browsing through the treasuries.  So, I do exceptionally little of that anymore.  I don’t know what the standards for such items are like on other sites, but maybe that would be worth investigating for me.  So, really it was not a well-researched choice on my part.  Aside from the maturity issues, I like Etsy a lot.  I like the look of the stores and I have found SOOO many other sellers making fabulous things, that, atleast for that reason, I am proud to be a part of it.

Good luck to you momwhoknits if you decide to open up shop somewhere!  I hope it goes fabulously for you!

Visit my Etsy shop at

One of my recent listings.  These are size 12 to 24 month mittens in a Superwash wool/Bamboo blend yarn.  They are super soft!  And so cute!

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