My Week Thus Far in Crochet

thumbless crochet baby mittens by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio

I just added these mittens as a finished item to my Etsy shop. I will be adding additional pairs of baby mittens within the next few days and weeks. 

When I first began my Etsy shop about a year ago this style of thumbless baby mittens was the first thing I began selling. This started because I made some baby mittens as gifts for friends  I so loved how they turned out that I decided to start an Etsy shop and see if I could sell others. I did sell several pairs, but I backed out of selling finished items early this year because I knew that I didn’t have the accounting set up correctly to do this. Well, I have devoted a lot of time to getting that kink worked out, and am now working on selling off my remaining mittens. I will also finish using up the yarn I purchased for it by making more and listing those. I have lots of ideas for things I would like to put in my Etsy shop. Some of them will be crochet items. I also have lots of great ideas that I’m really excited about for upcycling items….oh my goodness…I just felt an earthquake. At least I think that’s what that was. It shook the house and rattled the doors. To some of you that’s probably no big deal, but I’ve never felt one before. Wow, how unusual for Oklahoma….

Anyway, where was I….I am really excited about the ideas that I have for selling items in my Etsy shop, but I will still continue to publish patterns as well. In fact, I’ve been working on another self-publish pattern this week. I ran out of yarn, so I won’t be able to finish it until after I get more yarn, but I’ve nearly got the pattern written. That pattern should be available late this month or early next.

I would love to hear about what you are crafting. What would you like to see in my Etsy shop? What patterns would you like to see me design? I would love to have your feedback!

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Happy crafting!


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