Wow! So Much Good News All at Once!

Well, it’s been a fun day!  I’ll try to stay organized as I share all the great crochet news with you!  First, I got back the 4 items that I entered in the Oklahoma State Fair creative arts competition.  I actually knew the results a few weeks ago, but wasn’t ready to post about it just yet.  However, here are 3 of the items that I entered and their respective awards:

The prototype for my “Beautiful Arches Bolero” pattern won a 3rd place ribbon in the sweater category.  Sorry, I don’t have a picture of it finished, so this picture shows stitch markers and yarn ends hanging out. 

Baby’s “Bella Dress” won a 2nd place ribbon in the baby dress category.
This Alpaca/Silk wrap made from Misti Alpaca Suri Silk in colorway “Manhattan Rose” won a FIRST place ribbon in the shawl/cape category!  Yay me!
The fourth item that I entered is one that I wish I could show you, but I can’t because it has been submitted for publication somewhere.  So, you’ll have to wait to see it.  However, it won a FIRST place ribbon in its category!  Yay again!
So, that was fun.  I’ll probably enter again next year.  I enjoyed it, and my parents sure were proud, who doesn’t like to please their parents? (not counting teenagers 😉 ).
My next item of big news is that my newest published pattern is now available to purchase in my Ravelry pattern store and my Etsy shop!  It is called Gracie Lacy Capris.  This is a pattern for girl’s capris in sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8.  The yarn is Rowan’s RYC Siena, a 100% mercerized cotton.  This makes a dense fabric, like denim, but it is soft and just a bit shiny.  They are dressy, but comfy…and machine washable!  Just what you want for kids’ clothes.  I LOVE how they turned out, and so does Drama Queen!  I hope that you all like it, and I would love it if you’d leave me a comment with your thoughts on it!  So, here are some pics for you:
So cute, right?!
My third piece of exciting news is that I can FINALLY tell you a little bit about one of my upcoming magazine patterns!  I can’t reveal everything yet…not until the preview is up with pictures, but the pre-order is up in the Interweave Store.  You can see the cover and Table of Contents pages.  This special issue is going to be awesome!  I’m feeling so lucky to be getting a complementary copy!  It has 43 all new patterns in it!  These are all accessories, so they will be quick, and use relatively little yarn.  Great for gifts!  So, here is a link for the pre-order for Interweave Crochet Accessories 2010.  You can see my name in the Table of Contents under the name of my pattern “Avery’s Wavy Scarf.”  There aren’t any pictures of it in that little preview, but I’ll post here when the preview is up with pictures.  I’m just as anxious to see them as anyone! 
Well, that is it — all of my exciting news.  I would love to hear from you all 😉
Happy crafting!
April 🙂

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  1. sounds like you are having a great time!! Congrats on all the publishing and the Banana Moon (I love it!!) I also love Grace's capris, so cute!!

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