A Reminder and Goings On

This is a skirt that I made for Princess.  This is not one that I designed.  I finished working on some magazine submission swatches and wanted to do something relaxing, fun, and easy.  So, I used some leftovers to make this.  It is a free pattern from https://www.redheart.com/ called “Too Cute Ruffled Skirt”.  The pattern calls for more ruffles, but I didn’t have enough yarn for more, so I just made one short ruffle at the bottom.  The picture on the bottom there is fun, that is a spinning picture.  The skirt flattens out into a circle if you lay it on the floor, so it flares out really well when she spins in it, which she loves.  She wanted to wear this skirt for 3 days straight after I finished it and I finally insisted that it go in the wash.  It is made from Berroco Vintage.  I love the feel of Vintage, but it was beginning to fuzz and pill on day 3, so I’m not so impressed with its wearability.

I just love this little dress!  This is a gift for a friend of mine that is having a baby girl soon.  This dress has some interesting history though.  It is made in Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit 100% Cotton yarn.  That is the yarn and this is the pattern that was the prototype for the Bella Dress from Interweave Crochet Spring 2010.  Below is a picture of the two submission swatches that I made to send in to Interweave.  I made two of them and really liked this brown and blue one best.  However, this color of the yarn had been discontinued, so I sent in the pink/black one instead.  Not knowing that the editors would send me a completely different yarn of their own choosing, I bought enough of each color to make a dress.  So, I went ahead and made this dress, thinking that I would make it for my own baby.  However, I got it all done except the ribbon and buttons and then got so busy that I didn’t finish it until a few days ago.  It is a 3 to 6 month size, and my baby is now 10 1/2 months old.  So, it is going to be a gift.  I still have the pink yarn and black and white print to make a dress like the other swatch.  Maybe someday I’ll make that one and gift it to someone else.  As you can see, I did the ribbon a little differently on this dress than in the pattern.  Mostly because the only ribbon I could find in just the right color was too wide to fit through the stitches.
This beautiful hook is the one I told you about that I purchased from Jimbo of https://www.jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com/.  It is a size 7 which is between a G and an H.  This size is not easy to find because most of the major manufacturers don’t make them.  I have seen some patterns that call for them though, so it is a good one to have.  It is made from Panamanian Rosewood.  It is extra long so that the end doesn’t rub in my palm (since I am a knife-gripper).  The wood is so smooth!  And the grip is so comfortable!  I was very impressed with the quick shipping and outstanding customer service.  I definitely recommend these hooks and Jimbo as a great person to work with.
Well, I’m beginning work on a new desgin.  This is a sewing pattern taped to my dining room window.  It’s been up there since friday I think.  I am using this to help myself generate a schematic so that I know what the shapes of the pieces should be.  I tape it to the window so that I can trace it more easily.  When the light shines through the back of it, you can put a sheet of paper over it and still see the lines very easily.  This is like a drafter’s light table, only not quite as nice-looking or convenient.  Add that to the list of things to include in my dream studio someday.
This is a reminder about International Kinder Crochet Week.  It is this week.  Today through Saturday the first child age 16 or under to email me at [email protected] (through a parent’s email if necessary) and tell me for whom they would like to make a pair of baby mittens, will be emailed a free .pdf copy of my “Sweet Little Mittens” pattern.  Also, don’t forget to send pictures of your child’s crochet work to Jimbo, to be entered in the hook drawing.  See details on his blog https://www.jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com/.

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