Beautiful Arches Bolero Revealed (Finally!)

Well, I am finally ready to reveal my Beautiful Arches Bolero.  This one is a size 35″ bust circumference.  The sizes are in 3″ increments ranging from 32″ to 50″.  The yarn is Berroco Weekend which is a Cotton/Acrylic blend.  This yarn was graciously provided by the owners of The Gourmet Yarn Company specialty yarn store in Oklahoma City.  I went to the knit-in there on Saturday and showed it off during show and tell time.  You can see a picture on their blog.  This size required 2 hanks of each color, though only a very small portion (not even one quarter) of the second hank of green, and less than half of the second hank of the magenta.  So, if you plan to substitute, keep that in mind when comparing yardages.  I plan to have it up in my Ravelry pattern store next week! 

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