Suggestions for making the Bella Dress in a size 5

Kimscozycove sent me a convo on Etsy asking for suggestions on how to make the Bella Dress in a size 5.  I thought I would post my answer here just in case anyone else had the same question:

“Well, this is not carefully all worked out, but based on a 5 yr old shirt I just measured you’ll want the bodice to measure about 7in from the top of the shoulder to the front (empire) waistline. So, based on the gauge that’s 15 3/4 rows. I would probably go with 16 rows myself. The back should be 1/4 to 1/2 in higher just as it is for the other sizes, so an extra row or two in the back (making 17 or 18 rows total in the back). You’ll have to decide where to add the additional rows in front and back. Adding them under the neckline will increase the length of the torso, but you may want to add one in the shoulder shaping to increase the depth of the neckline. Just keep in mind that when you add an odd number of rows you have to reverse the shaping of non-symmetrical pieces. So, this applies to shoulder shaping, as well as the back bodice pieces. Drawing a little diagram or a symbol chart would be a great way to help you keep track of where you are adding stitches. As for the skirt, you could probably add 2 to 3 rows to the skirt. Good luck! I’m so glad that you and others like the dress. I would love to see pictures!”

Also, she had figured this out on her own, but I’ll write it here; for a size 4 you would add 4 chains to the base chain, thereby adding 4 stitches to the first row (as compared to a size 3).  An additional 4 chs would be needed for a size 5 (that’s 8 more chs or sts than for the size 3).

Until next time, have a cheery day everyone!



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