Super Secret Code Names

Well friends, family, and fans since I have begun my time as a published crocet designer, and it is apparent that there will be people I’ve never met following my blog, I just wanted to say that I’ll be using “code names” for my family members.  Most likely everyone who looks at my blog will be a terrific person, but since we never know for sure about these things, I’ll be referring to my hubby as “Mr. AC” (AC stands for AprilCreates), my oldest will be “Drama Queen”, my second daughter will be “Princess”, my third daughter will be “Hopper”, and my youngest will be “Baby”.  This feels a little silly to me, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.  Now since most of my current followers know me personally, please try to refrain from using their real names if/when you make comments, otherwise I won’t publish them.

As for crocheting today, I finished a few more rows of they swatch I wrote about earlier today, and it is looking pretty good.  If only I could work on it more after the kids are in bed…, but I’ve got to tackle the dishes instead. 😦 

Have a cheery day!


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